Nokia THR850
The new Nokia THR850 is the most advanced TETRA handportable on the market - Perfect for businesses who need to rapidly manage their mobile work force. 
Whatever the situation, your Nokia THR850 will keep you at the center of things. Simply press-to-talk and you can be connected to your team easily and instantly, just like with a two-way radio anywhere the counry. The advanced group communication features let you manage co-operation with other groups. Activate scanning for monitoring communications of essential groups. Make use of group priorities and dynamic groups for fast and flexible teamwork. 
  • Call management features you expect from conventional mobile phones. 
  • Classic Nokia design - small, light and robust handset. 
  • Familiar Nokia user interface. 
  • Multiple group call scanning and dynamic group number assignment* 
  • No direct mode
A true professional as well as a phone and a push-to-talk radio, the Nokia THR850 is your professional electronic assistant, incorporating: Clock calendar, Calculator, To-do-list, Task-journal phone book for 255 contacts with possibility for multiple numbers and text.

Status messages :

With the Nokia THR850, you can send status messages for transmitting routine information instantly between individuals and groups. Status messages are pre-entered phrases such as "Packet Delivered " or "At Destination". This gives the user a handy way of reporting frequently on the progress of a job. In addition, situation indicators and call back requests are available for instant messaging. 

Text messages:

You can enter short data messages using the keypad, with the option of assistance from a predictive text input function. Short data messages can be sent to both individual numbers and group numbers and are delivered instantly to their destination. 

Technical Data 

  • Output Power - 560 mW 
  • Weight: - 196 g 
  • Dimensions: - 137 (H) x 53 (W) x 36 (L) mm, 162 cc 

Battery Performance :

Type 1800 mAh Li-Ion Talk time 3 - 4.5 hours Standby 20 - 28.5 hours Use time (10 / 90) 11 h Charging time (ACP-8) 4 h (power off) 

Display -Illuminated high-resolution, full-graphics display, Up to 5 lines text, numbers and graphics 7-bar battery and signal status indicators, Manual display contrast adjustment 

Call types -Group call, Express call, Individual call inside Dolphin Network and to / from PABX and PSTN, Emergency call, Late entry One way calls and two way calls (duplex)

Messaging - Status messaging: max 50 pre-programmed status messages, Situation indicators: max 50 Call-back request, Text messaging: send 120, receive 160 characters Predictive text input 

Other features - Up to 255 phone book entries, Up to 50 group entries, Priority scanning, Dynamic group number assignment, Talking party identification, Calling line identification, Authentication Clock, alarm clock, Calendar Task journal, To-do list 6 profile settings 35 ringing tones 3 games 

Nokia THR850 represents the perfect business tool at an affordable price. In addition to out right purchase of handportables call us for a third party leasing price as this is an excellent way to spread the payments and allow you to take advantage of this fabulous, new technology. 

Winning combination
  • Combines the best of mobile telephony and professional mobile radio
  • Optimised feature set for enhanced management of work and time
  • Small in size, great for teamwork
  • Co-operation within and between groups
  • Quick, convenient messaging
Nokia THR-850 original PDF-broshure (26 pages, 10 mb), click here

Kompakt, komfortabel und leistungsfähig
Das Nokia THR850 ist eines der leichtesten und kompaktesten TETRA-Endgeräte auf dem Markt. Es verbindet umfangreiche Sprach- und Datenfunktionen mit der vielen Nutzern bereits bekannten Bedienung und der gewohnten Handhabung eines Nokia Mobiltelefons. Zum Funktionsumfang des THR850 gehören sechs
verschiedene Profileinstellungen, die es dem Nutzer gestatten, das Funkgerät für jede Einsatzsituation entsprechend vorzukonfigurieren. Darüber hinaus verfügt das Endgerät über eine Uhr, einen Kalender, ein Aufgabenjournal und eine Aufgabenliste. Weitere hilfreiche Funktionen sind die vorausschauende Texteingabe zum schnellen Erstellen von Kurzmitteilungen und ein Telefonbuch, in dem zu jedem Eintrag mehrere Nummern und Textinformationen gespeichert werden können.

This radio can work in TMO (Trunking mode Operation) only. No support of DMO (Direct Mode Operation). If you are not a registered customer of a Tetra-Network, this radio is useless. Except for decoration purpose.
Order Number Desciption Price excl. VAT
THR 850 Nokia Tetra-Radio with Antenna, Battery, 220V plug-charger transformer (ehem EUR 1050,--)
Frequency Band : 380-400, THR-3
THR 850 Frequency Band 410-430, THR-1 Ausverkauft
THR 850
Frequency Band 806-869 MHz Ausverkauft
Power Management
DCH-8 BILD Desktop charger craddle, needs transformer from radio  EUR 34,--
DDC-2 BILD Battery charger with transformer (ehem EUR 45,--) Ausverkauft
BLN-4 BILD Internal Battery EUR 60,--
220V plug-charger transformer EUR 16,--
Vehicle Accessoires
Advanced HF Car Kit, mobil mounting set, handsfree operation EUR 238,--
HSU-1T BILD Handset for Cark-91, with PTT EUR 72,--
MCB-1 BILD Phone Holder (ehem EUR 20,--) Ausverkauft

Mobile Charger EUR 18,--
Belt Clip EUR 13,--
CSL-6 BILD Leather carry case  EUR 35,--
GLM-850 BILD Leder Koecher, mit drehbarem Metallclip und Sicherungslasche, Made in Germany EUR 42,--
GLM-851 BILD Boeckenholt Handytasche mit Fenster & Gürtelclip, Rest 40 St. EUR 35,--
Headset (Earpiece with boom mikrofon and PTT) (ehem EUR 16,--) Ausverkauft

and Hardware to programm your THR850 radio
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Stand :  August 2006