JT 1000 Series VHF and UHF Bands 
Conventional Radio Systems
"Handie-Talkie" Front Programmable 
Klick für ZubehörThe JT 1000 portable is a 16 channel, front programmable radio. Using the Programming Key, standard 15 button keypad and password, an authorized person can program the following features: 
  • Frequencies by Mode 
  • Bandwidth by Mode 
  • PL/DPL/Carrier Squelch by Mode 
  • Operator Squelch Scan 
  • Radio Power Level by Mode 
  • Multi Selectable PL/DPL/Carrier Squelch 
All JT 1000 models are capable of the following software features: 
  • Time-Out Timer 
  • Radio To Radio Cloning 
  • Monitor
  • Field Programmable 
  • Low Battery Alert 
  • PAC RT Operation 
  • Auto Scan 
  • Direct/Repeater Talkaround 
  • Preprogrammed Scan 
  • Smart PTT/Busy Lockout 
  • Priority Scan (Single Level) 
  • PL/DPL/CSQ Operation 
  • Operator Selectable Scan 
  • Hi/Low Power 
  • Variable Channel Scan


Field programming of the radio (through the Radio Service Software package) can be used to activate all of the above features
All JT 1000 models include a 110 Volt Single Unit Compact Charger (Slow Rate) and the following hardware:
  • 15 Button Keypad 
  • 3 Position Toggle Switch 
  • 14 Character Backlit Display 
  • Dual Charge High Capacity Battery 
  • On/Off/Volume Knob 
  • Antenna 
  • Rotary Mode Selector Knob 
  • Bi-Color LED Indicator 
  • Keypad Lock Concentric Switch 
  • Internal Noise Reduction Microphone 
  • Side Programmable Buttons 
  • Belt Clip 
  • DTMF Function Top Button 
  • "Quick Disconnect" Accessory Capable 
  • Weather-sealed Universal Connector 
JT 1000 is capable on a per channel basis of adjusting the receiver bandwidth for optimum operation at 12.5 kHz, 20 kHz, 25 kHz, or 30 kHz spacing between adjacent channels.

There are no maximum frequency separation conditions that must be adhered to on the JT 1000 portable radio series. Separation of frequencies can be as wide as the allowable sub-band per radio model with no degradation of any performance specification. Of course, if an incorrect antenna is used with a radio, degraded performance may be experienced.

The JT 1000's channel spacing, transmit and receive frequencies by mode, operator squelch, power level, PL/DPL/Carrier Squelch codes and Scan list can be re-configured by an authorized user when the programming key is attached. The programming key can be ordered as an accessory (NTN7841) which includes the programming key and programming operators manual. 

NOTE: The JT 1000 may be programmed only on those frequencies that the user has obtained a license for. Operation on unauthorized frequencies is a violation of federal law. Programming is permitted by authorized personnel only

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